About Us

Infinite, eternal, forever...

An ultimate act of love and gratitude for your loved ones.

A eternum Columbary is the first true garden columbary of its kind in the country. This memorialization structure with its ornate features exudes an aura of peace and elegance with its floral theme.

Aeternum Columbary is indeed a most special final shelter for the remains of the most special people in our lives who have already passed on.

Aeternum Columbary is the place of choice. Let this be our ultimate parting gift to them for sharing them their fulfilled lives with us. Sanctuary of memories, haven of comfort.
W ith the rising popularity of cremations, it isn't surprising nowadays to find various columbaries offering their facilities and services to the public. But among the multitude, only one truly stands out among its contemporaries, the Aeternum, the country's first True Garden Columbary.

While others offer only concrete and steel, the Aeternum provides a lush haven fit for remembrance. But aside from its main purpose as a place for memorializing dearly departed loved ones, Aeternum can also serve as a venue for a family get together or activity. Take a stroll to our grounds and experience firsthand the Aeternum difference.

Features and Amenities

Aeternum Columbary is teeming with amenities and features that offer convenience like no other

A Perpetual Care Fund is set aside for the perpetual upkeep and maintenance of the garden columbary.
Certificate of Usufructuary Rights which grants perpetual easement and usufructuary rights over the columbary niches.
  • Prayer and Meditation

    The beautiful showcase of nature's wonders offer an atmosphere conducive for prayer and meditation.
    • Lush greenery
    • Man-made lagoon
    • Waterfalls
  • Structural Highlights

    Pushing the limits even further with these structural highlights.
    • Prayer area in every columbary
    • Open air building structure
    • Landscaped garden setting
    • Exclusive Aeternum Columbary chapel
    • Ecumenical prayer area
    • Incense burner
  • Hassle-free Experience

    The comforts of hassle-free experience.
    • Water sprinklers
    • Ample parking space
    • Perpetual care maintenance
    • Lamp posts
  • Memorialization Need

    To top it all, services for your every memorialization need is just within reach.
    • Crematory
    • Mortuary
    • Chapels and viewing rooms
    • Feng Shui consultation